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The Shadow

  • Release date: 2012-08-19

Album Description:

Shadows is the debut full-length album by Shawn James released on August 19th 2012. Shadows includes 12 songs featuring elements of blues, folk and soul music. Instruments included in the album are Guitar, Violin, Cello, Harmonica, Mandolin, Piano and more.

Album Reviews:

Kyle Miller from GuitarTrump.com

Shawn James deserves to be famous. His songwriting is clever and deep, his singing is superlative, and his songs are well-crafted and faultlessly executed. The production is top-notch, capturing atmosphere and the nuances of each instrument, without managing to sound overproduced or canned. What follows is my impressions of each song from the album. In any review that I’ve done so far, I’ve not ever gone so far as to encourage anyone to spend money. Times are tough for everybody. But if you love music that can stir your very soul, buy this album. Make this artist as famous as he deserves to be. Yes, I’m that impressed.

“Shawn James has soul.  It’s in the haunting baritone that rises from deep within him.  It’s in the way his guitar pick hits the strings, a little hard, a little soft, but always complimenting the song. It’s a musical style he’s been shaping since his childhood, singing from the church pew.”